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[Drabble]: Drivel

Okaaaay, here's another one. Sorry to spam people's flists with this crap...oh well...this one is just randomly insane *sporks it*

Title: Drivel
Author: Kish
Rating: PG


Inui Sadaharu stared at his computer screen, completely and totally confused by what he saw there. In the document he had open in his word processor, there were eleven lines of neatly recorded data, but below that...

Below that was what appeared to be an entire half page of mindless, random drivel: ashfkdkfjnasjklwf38ywe489peu1i02pu389io3rjfrmkfvio;lk3opejprdfiuormvoflknrfuiogej’mgk;ldfnmiokldmfjk;welfmlka and so on and so forth.

Inui tried vainly to decipher what it could possibly be. He certainly could not remember typing anything like that, and no one else, so far as he knew, had any access to his personal computer. It rather upset him to see something like this and have no clue where it had come from. He looked at it again, but it was definitely incoherent. He could not deduce any sort of meaning from it whatsoever.

“Inui-senpai?” There was a tentative knock at his door and Inui smiled, his worries momentarily forgotten. “Come in, Kaidoh,” he called in reply. Kaidoh walked in, laying his backpack down on the floor just inside of the doorway.

Kaidoh walked over to Inui’s chair and leaned down, placing a tentative kiss directly on Inui’s lips, blushing a lovely shade of crimson as he did so. Inui couldn’t help grinning up at him. “I appreciate that kind of greeting, you know.”

Kaidoh, if possible, blushed even more, still leaning closer to Inui than was really necessary...Inui knew that his grin suddenly turned a bit more predatory. He pulled Kaidoh down again, with one arm going gently around the back of his neck, startling a slight gasp of surprise out of the younger boy.

Inui had intended this kiss to be...well...almost as innocent as the first that Kaidoh had given him. But somehow, his tongue flicked out of its own accord, brushing Kaidoh’s lips, and, well, it wasn’t his fault that Kaidoh opened his mouth so willingly.

Their tongues intertwined and their breath mingled. Inui’s other hand, his left, went up onto Kaidoh’s hip, pulling just a little, trying to bring him down further, closer. The result was unexpected but certainly not unwanted; Kaidoh let himself be pulled and maneuvered so that he was straddling Inui, both of them on the desk chair.

The sudden closer contact made both of them moan and shift, trying to find an even more pleasant position. Inui leaned back, taking Kaidoh partway with him, and the chair tilted crazily.

Inui quickly reacted, darting the hand that had been on Kaidoh’s neck to the desk, stabilizing them so that they wouldn’t have to move from the chair. Kaidoh didn’t seem to have noticed that they had even been falling, involved as he was in what they were doing.

Inui’s laptop abruptly made a very odd noise, and Inui and Kaidoh broke the kiss to glance at it, startled. It was only then that Inui realized that when he’d flung his arm out to stop them falling, his hand had landed on the keyboard...

And he laughed out loud, realizing exactly why his document had been filled with random keystrokes. Kaidoh looked at him, puzzled and still flushed. “Inui-senpai...?”

Inui shook his head, chuckling to himself. “Ah, it was nothing, Kaidoh. I just became aware of something...now, shall we continue?” He didn’t give Kaidoh much choice in the matter, although the other apparently had no objections. The position they were in was just so delightfully compromising, Inui thought to himself.

He was quite willing to put up with drivel typed on his computer if this was what he got in exchange.

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