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when the gales of November come early

Toast + request ficlet!

Why should you all love toast? Why, because Organization XIII loves it too!

...anyway. This ficlet ended up being a part of something longer that I doubt I will ever post. This threesome is so addictive, though! This isn't quite as pervy as I'd meant it to be...Pixxxxx. If you want another (again, better) one, tell me! uajkhef. I am so infinitely insecure at all times.

Scheme, by kishmet. From pixxers' request: Oishi/Gakuto/Eiji. Accidental erection. It turned out more like "accidental," if you know what I mean.

When Oishi got out of the shower, he heard the loud sounds of an argument coming from the kitchen. He glanced at the clock. It was already nine thirty, and he had class at ten. To interfere with whatever was going on was almost certain to make him late. Eiji's and Gakuto's fights could make international warfare seem pleasant and easily resolved, though when they got along it was just as dramatic.

Unfortunately, Oishi's conscience wouldn't let him sneak out the door of the apartment. He set his backpack on the floor of the hallway, promising himself that he'd be back to fetch it soon, and walked into the kitchen.

"My fault?" Gakuto demanded, outraged. He'd cornered Eiji between the table and the kitchen counter. "You're the one who ate them!"

"You ate a bowl last night before bed!" Eiji snapped back. "If you hadn't, we both could have had them!"

"Calm down, calm down." Oishi pushed his way between them and took Gakuto's wrist. He took Eiji's wrist a second later, to prevent any arguments about favoritism. Gakuto fought against his grip, tugging at his arm. Eiji wrapped himself possessively around Oishi's other arm and stuck his tongue out at Gakuto. As soon as Gakuto saw, he stopped fighting and clung onto Oishi's arm too. Oishi steered them over to the table, using a little bit of force to sit Gakuto in one chair, Eiji in the other. The first step was always getting them out of slapping, biting, and poking range. "Now, what's going on?"

"He ate the last of the Lucky Charms." Gakuto pointed accusingly at Eiji. "Tell him he should go out and buy more."

"He's the one who wants more," Eiji countered, crossing his arms and making a huffy sound. "Oishi, he should go and get more if he wants them right now."

"I really have to get to school..." Oishi trailed off when Gakuto scowled and Eiji pouted. "All right, all right, hold on." He went to the cupboard and opened it. There were two other boxes of cereal still in there. Oishi turned and said, "Gaku, wouldn't these be all right?" He took down one of the boxes and held it out. "I can pick up more Lucky Charms on the way home tonight."

"No, I want them now," Gakuto said, scuffing viciously at the floor with his shoe the way he sometimes did when he was annoyed. He glared at Eiji. "He just left the healthy cereal for me." Gakuto had a problem with any breakfast food that proclaimed itself to be whole wheat or vitamin enriched or made without artificial colors and flavours.

"Well..." Oishi looked down at the box. He'd eaten a bowl of it for breakfast just an hour ago, and it hadn't been quite the terrible fate Gakuto made it out to be. Then again, Oishi didn't care much for Lucky Charms (or any sugary cereals, for that matter). "They might have cereal down at the convenience mart. Eiji, would you be willing to..." He could already see that it was a lost cause. Eiji was looking pointedly away from both of them, staring obstinately at the wall.

Oishi sighed. He could think of several ways out of this, but all of them involved either leaving Eiji and Gakuto to kill each other or going to buy the cereal himself, which would make him late to class for sure. He thought rapidly. There was no way he could persuade Eiji into getting the cereal from the store that was no more than a block away, and there was no way he could convince Gakuto into eating anything else.

Or could he?

That thought led him to a conclusion that made him smile. "Eiji." Oishi sat in the third chair, which was on the side of the table between the two of theirs. "Eiji-love, you have some time right now, don't you?"

Eiji looked at him suspiciously. "Time for what?"

"Time to make some French toast," said Oishi. Gakuto, who had been glaring at the floor, glanced up quickly.

Of course, Eiji had to make a show of thinking about it. His barely-repressed grin gave him away, though. "I guess I do," he said nonchalantly.

"French toast?" Gakuto asked, doing just as bad a job of concealing his eagerness. The only person in the apartment who liked French toast more than Eiji did was Gakuto, who preferred it even to Lucky Charms.

"I thought that if you'd both be all right with it, Eiji could make some French toast," said Oishi. "I know you already ate breakfast, Eiji."

"I could fit more," said Eiji confidently.

"Then you're both all right with that?" Oishi spared another glance for the kitchen clock. He'd still make it just on time if he ran. Then he looked down to see Gakuto and Eiji both nodding. "Maybe you could apologize to each other," Oishi suggested.

"Mmkay," Gakuto said, so willingly that it startled Oishi. Gakuto slid under the table and came up in Eiji's lap. He draped himself over Eiji, straddling him in the chair. "Sorry," he said contritely, leaning his forehead against Eiji's.

"S'okay." Eiji put his arms around Gakuto's neck and kissed him sweetly. At least it stayed sweet until Gakuto squirmed with his hips, and Eiji gasped a little. Gakuto immediately attacked with his tongue, tilting Eiji's head against the back of the chair.

Oishi looked away, flushing slightly even after all this time. He started to get up. He stopped, sitting back down quickly.

Eiji disengaged himself, turning to give Oishi a quizzical look. "Are you okay, Oishi?" Gakuto slid a hand up Eiji's shirt. Eiji laughed and fidgeted, making his expression of concern seem less genuine.

"I just..." Oishi cleared his throat. He was going to be late after all. "I think I'll wait a minute before going, that's all."

"Pants too tight?" Gakuto inquired with a smirk, even more straightforward than Eiji ever was. He leaned in to give Eiji another open-mouthed kiss. They both closed their eyes. Gakuto moaned, and Eiji let out the purring hum he made when he was very happy. They ground their hips together, sending the not-so-sturdy chair inching across the tile floor.

Oishi pulled his eyes away, willing himself to think of something disgusting and horrible. A minute later, he realized that the noises Eiji and Gakuto were making were not helping his cause. Even thinking of his Physics teacher (an old man Oishi felt bad for disrespecting with thoughts like this) in a bikini did nothing to alleviate his aching hard-on. He shifted uncomfortably, which only succeeded in rubbing himself against the fabric of his pants, which naturally didn't help either. He looked back at Eiji and Gakuto.

Both of them were watching him, wearing identical mischievous faces. Gakuto's hair fell partway over Eiji's eye. Eiji brushed it away, and then ran a finger over the sensitive shell of Gakuto's ear, making Gakuto shiver and writhe against him again. "Can you stay and have toast with us?" Eiji asked, too innocently.

He didn't have much of a choice. He couldn't go to school like this. Not only couldn't he walk very well at the moment, he certainly didn't want to end up thinking about the two redheads at home in the middle of a class. "Only this once," Oishi said, as firmly as he could manage. Gakuto only snickered. Eiji nodded emphatically, but under the table he snaked his foot up the leg of Oishi's pants.

Oishi wondered just how thoroughly he'd been tricked.
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