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when the gales of November come early

Yes, this again. In case you saw it before.

Well, I posted this list of things about myself, then deleted it because I thought it was boring, then Sam read it and didn't seem to think it was as incredibly dull as I thought it was. So I'm putting it back, because I am psychotic that way.

1. I was homeschooled from the middle of third grade until the end of high school.

2. My immediate family consists of my mother and my father, my two younger siblings (my sister, who's fifteen, and my brother, who's twelve), my dog Oracle (who's white and fluffy and is either six or seven), my cat Bonnie (who's a gray tabby, about two or three), and my rabbit Shadow (who's black, lop-eared and pushing six).

3. I share a room with my sister, but I have an office of my own, made out of spare cubicle walls my dad brought home from work.

4. Right now I'm attending a community college, but I want to transfer to a university next year. The problem is, I have no idea where I want to go besides this really expensive private university that costs $29,000 a year.

5. I'm always folding origami cranes. It's one of the few things I like almost as much as writing. I try to buy a package of Starburst before every class so that I can eat the Starburst and fold cranes out of the wrappers.

6. I never have writer's block. I have writer's block on particular stories or plot bunnies sometimes, but whenever that happens I write something else instead. It's impossible for me not to write.

7. I like Stephen King's books even though the grammar and the run-on sentences horrify me every time I stop to think about them.

8. If I go to the bookstore, I can't help but spend all the money I brought with me. Now I only let myself bring forty to sixty dollars at a time.

9. When I first got into Tenipuri, I hated both Tezuka/Ryoma and Momo/Kaidoh with a vengeance.

10. I keep a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce on my desk at all times. It tastes good if you put it on chewing gum.

11. When I'm asleep and dreaming, I have a phobia of water. There are always weird things in lakes and ponds and pools and rivers in my dreams. When I'm awake I have no problem with water.

12. I do have an irrational fear of suspension bridges, though.

13. Whenever I go to family gatherings or friends' parties, I bring a notebook, my mp3 player, and a book.

14. I don't actually go to many parties anymore, even birthday parties. I make up excuses to avoid them.

15. I'm always arguing with my mother about why we go to family gatherings at all. They stress her out, they stress me out, they stress all my relatives out. She says it's an obligation. I say it's ritualized torture.

16. I don't plan to go to many family gatherings once I don't live with my parents anymore. (I'll probably be guilt-tripped into them anyway.)

17. I hate it when people assume that marriage is going to be a part of my life. My entire extended family does this to me every time I see them.

18. Ditto when people assume that I'm going to have children someday.

19. I would rather be yelled at or punched than wonder forever if someone's pissed off at me.

20. I name all of my Pokemon after anime characters. I have Kaoru the Salamence, Neji the Dragonite, Saeki the Kyogre, and Hatori the Gyarados, among others.

21. My mom makes me pancakes every year on my birthday, and has ever since I've been old enough to like them. She always makes one in the shape of the number I'm turning before making any other ones. I was so happy when I turned ten, because I got two number pancakes.

22. I was born on November 19, 1986, at around 3 in the morning.

23. I'm afraid of talking to anyone I'm in awe of or afraid of. There aren't many people who fulfill both requirements, but there are a couple on my flist and a couple I know in real life.

24. I've only been to one anime convention, ever, which was Anime Central 2006. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done, though I had to find myself an empty corner to breathe in every hour or so.

25. I don't post my fics to many (or any) communities because I'm terrified that the people on my flist are just used to my writing style, and that no one else will like it.

26. When I was little, I loved to wear band-aids. Once I made my mom put a band-aid on something I thought was a cut, but was actually a piece of Wheaties stuck to my arm. I kept the band-aid on anyway.

27. The first time I skinned my knees, I didn't cry at all until I saw that I was bleeding.

28. I watched all of the Tenimyus for the first time a week or two ago. Up until then, I wouldn't have been able to pick Kimeru out of a lineup.

29. I hate math, I love calculating genetic probability, and I hate Punnett squares.

30. I think that people can live happily ever after with their junior high sweethearts, especially in a world where gravity isn't applicable.

31. I used to talk to myself all the time. I'd carry on two sides of a conversation that had nothing to do with anything, but was properly dramatic.

32. Now I don't talk to myself so much anymore, because I write fanfiction instead.

33. My first experience with fanfiction was with a friend who told me Power Rangers stories when we had sleepovers. The main character was always a Mary Sue, she always had the handsomest guy at her beck and call, and I hung on every word of these stories.

34. I've only seen about twenty episodes of Tenipuri all the way through. These twenty include the chibi episodes, Prince of Bowling, Prince of Billiards, and the last four or five eps.

35. I don't like sleeping, but I like the time just after I wake up when I'm half asleep and can actually appreciate the comfort of being nice and warm and snuggled in bed.

36. I've never been in a romantic relationship in real life.

37. When I was in kindergarten, I thought it would be awesome to have an older sibling, so I lied and said I had an older brother in college. My parents were hardly past college age themselves, funnily enough. My classmates believed me, though.

38. For a very long time, I was the very picture of gawky adolescence. I had braces, glasses, and frizzy hair. That's still basically me, but at least my teeth are straight now.

39. I cut my hair as short as it is now because I couldn't stand curling it anymore. I found out that I still have to curl it, or I end up looking like Kirihara.

40. I like kids. I just don't like being responsible for them.

41. I understand almost everything anyone says to me in Spanish, but I can't speak it for crap. Conversely, I speak sign language semi-fluently, but when I watch someone sign it's tough to get everything they're saying.

42. I have scoliosis (an s-curve in my spine), and I have to do daily exercises so that my spine won't curve more and squish my internal organs. I sort of forget to do the exercises sometimes, though.

43. I've volunteered at a living history 1800s museum, a therapeutic equine program, and a veterinary clinic. I notice now that I moved from working with humans all the time to working with them sometimes to working with them as little as possible.

44. I get along better with animals than with humans. I've worked with snakes, frogs, parrots, hamsters, cats, dogs, horses, lizards, guinea pigs, rabbits, parakeets, mice, gerbils, and rats.

45. I'm not afraid of any animals except insects, arachnids, humans, and possibly poodles.

46. I killed a spider once, and I felt so bad that I never killed another one on purpose again.

47. I have a lot of cousins (I don't remember exactly how many), but both of my parents have more. My mom has more than fifty and my dad has almost that many.

48. I keep a piece of paper taped to the shelf by my bed, and almost every night I wake up to scribble a fic idea on it. I've replaced that piece of paper once every two weeks since I started putting it up.

49. Whenever I go anywhere, I have to bring a backpack full of stuff: twenty-three pens, twelve pencils, two pairs of chopsticks, a notebook, random pieces of scrap paper, a collection of CDs with all my favorite songs on them, a flash drive, four floppy disks, a package of gum, a deck of Magic cards, a book of some sort (replaced often), either a bag of Milky Ways, a package of Starburst, or both, my car keys, my cell phone, a nail file, some rubber bands, a hair band, assorted paper cranes, my mp3 player, and sometimes my Game Boy.

50. I suck at writing about myself.

This time I have something constructive to post, too, which makes me feel better about this random egomaniacal list about myself.

Charming, by kishmet. From r05km's request: MomoKai: "snake charming." Hee. This was so much fun to write. ♥

"Hey. Wanna hear this?"

Kaidoh eyed Momo warily, setting his backpack on the bed. "I guess so."

"Hang on." Momo flopped onto his desk chair. He opened his tennis bag, pushing past his racket until he came up with a little black case and a book. He laid the book across his lap, open to a particular page. He opened the case and put together the two pieces of the recorder he'd borrowed from his oldest sister.

Kaidoh was staring skeptically at him. "What are you doing?"

"Just wait and see." Momo lifted the recorder to his lips with a flourish, and played a series of discordant notes. He put a hand down to turn the page of the book. He then blew as hard as he could and played a whole bunch of notes very quickly.

"Cut it out!" Kaidoh used one hand to cover an ear, and the other hand to punch Momo in the arm. "What the hell are you doing?"

Momo held up the book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Snake Charming. "It says you can make the snake do whatever you want," he said proudly.

Kaidoh rolled his eyes. "One thing's right, at least," he muttered. "You are a complete idiot."

"Better an idiot than a stupid mamushi," Momo retorted.

"Snake charming is for cobras, not vipers." Kaidoh shook his head. "Moron."

"I just wanted to see if it'd work." Momo played another couple of notes on the recorder, then looked at Kaidoh expectantly. "Well? Is it working?"

"No!" Kaidoh snapped. "You’re just annoying me."

Momo grinned. "It's working."
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