when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

Fic. Sort of.

I love waking up in the morning to find something in my notebook that I can't seem to recall having written. I think I wake up during the night sometimes and...well, write. These three drabbles don't have enough connectivity to be a real fic, but they certainly could share a timeline.

Dynamic, by kishmet. Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma, with a Tezuka/Ryoma bias. Rated PG.

Fuji catches him on the way to Sumire's office. He blocks Tezuka's way. Tezuka can't shove him aside, no matter how much he'd like to. It wouldn't be a fitting thing for the captain of the tennis team to do. Tezuka stops. "Fuji. Move."

"There's something you might like to know," Fuji says. He doesn't move out of Tezuka's way. He moves closer instead. He catches the front of Tezuka's shirt. Tezuka knows what he's doing, too late. Fuji kisses him, but this time it's not the biting, playing, teasing kiss Tezuka has come to expect when Fuji ambushes him this way. It's a sweeter, more careful kiss. Fuji curls his tongue around Tezuka's, and Tezuka tastes a hint of something light and fruity. He wonders what Fuji has been eating.

When Fuji pulls away, Tezuka just looks at him. Fuji asks, "Did you like it?"

"What is it you think I'd like to know?" Tezuka asks finally.

Fuji smiles. "The way Echizen tastes after he drinks a can of grape Ponta."

He leaves Tezuka standing in the hallway. Tezuka watches after Fuji until he turns a corner, then shakes his head. He takes a step before realizing that he'd forgotten what he'd wanted to tell Sumire.


Ryoma goes home with Fuji again after practice. Every time before, Tezuka has been careful not to watch.

This time, he follows them.

Fuji knows that Tezuka is behind them, but he doesn't look back once, even though Tezuka is only a few meters away. Fuji rests a hand on Ryoma's lower back, where Tezuka can't help but see. He leans down to murmur something into Ryoma's ear without so much as glancing at Tezuka.

Ryoma looks back at him every few seconds. Tezuka keeps his face studiously neutral, not answering the questioning look in Ryoma's eyes. Ryoma glances away when Fuji whispers to him and shakes his head. "No." Then he looks at Tezuka again. Tezuka wonders what Fuji had said, then wonders if he wants to know. He raises an eyebrow at Ryoma.

When he does, Ryoma grins just a little and looks down.


Fuji is kissing Ryoma right there on the front porch, where anyone walking by can see them.

Tezuka is not concerned with passersby. He is concerned because he's standing right behind the place where Fuji has Ryoma pinned against the door. He's concerned because even as Ryoma kisses Fuji, Ryoma has his eyes open and is looking directly at Tezuka.

Ryoma isn't the one who breaks the kiss, though. He waits until Fuji pulls away, and then he lets go of Fuji's shoulder to hold out his hand. "Buchou," he says, and waits for Tezuka to take his hand. Fuji is watching too, turning his head to survey Tezuka with an amused expression. Tezuka is only peripherally aware that Fuji is even present. He puts his hand into Ryoma's.

Then Ryoma pulls Tezuka nearer, standing up on his tiptoes and using Fuji's other shoulder for balance. Tezuka leans down until he's close enough that Ryoma can kiss him. Ryoma presses his lips to Tezuka's, and now he closes his eyes.

Tezuka puts his arm around Fuji and rests his hand on Ryoma's waist. He kisses Ryoma over Fuji's shoulder for a long time. When they finally pull apart because they need to breathe, Fuji brushes a light kiss at the edge of Ryoma's lips, then at the edge of Tezuka's, and smiles.

Tezuka lets him do it. but he and Ryoma are still looking only at each other.
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