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DRABBLE: Untitled perverted thing

Title: Untitled Drabble
Author: Kish
Rating: Um, probably NC-17...R maybe? I dunno XD
Summary: Kaidoh likes cats...no, not like that! Erm, really, he's not a cat pervert X33333
Note: Oh lord, this is one of those 5 AM things again...and this isn't even the most perverted one! *pokes drabble* Just...ignore it.

When Inui had first heard about this fetish of Kaidoh’s he had been...well...shocked. Not that he was againt indulging fantasies from time to time; far from it. He himself had been the instigator of that rather interesting incident on that bus...

But this, Inui had felt upon first hearing Kaidoh’s request, was different. Not only would it involve a certain degree of embarrassment, it also caused Inui to wonder about Kaidoh’s exact relationship with Echizen’s cat.

Yes, at first Inui had strenuously objected to the idea. He’d stated that there was no chance that he would ever be caught wearing cat ears and a tail...not even for Kaidoh.

But one evening when Kaidoh was out at a class, Inui had been looking through the closet and stumbled upon...the costume. Apparently Kaidoh had already purchased one, although he’d never brought the subject up again.

Inui did not know exactly what had possessed him to try the damn thing on. Perhaps it was because he was curious as to why this would be so much of a turn on for his lover. In any case, he assumed it was quite safe, seeing as Kaidoh would be gone for several hours more.

Of course, Inui hadn’t counted on Kaidoh coming home early. He also had not taken into account that this costume would awaken a well-hidden dominant facet of Kaidoh’s personality.

Which was why Inui found himself down on all fours, arching back as Kaidoh thrust into him, trying his fucking best to purr instead of letting out the half moan, half shout that was caught in his throat. Purring on Inui’s part, it seemed, was something Kaidoh appreciated quite a bit.

Kaidoh bit and suckled at Inui’s neck as Inui’s head went back, eyes closed, trying desperately to keep up the purring. Kaidoh’s words, harsh and rasping, tickled Inui’s ear, making him shiver: “Sadaharu...meow for me....”

And Inui obediently tried his very best to oblige. “Kaoru...ahhhh...mre-ow!” Kaidoh pushed once more, harder, letting out a cry of his own, sending them both over the edge.

Inui now was very grateful that Kaidoh had bought this outfit, and that the benefits outweighed any embarrassment caused...

And if Inui had a strange look of jealousy on his face whenever Kaidoh was near Karupin, no one else ever noticed.

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