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Who requested more Fujicest, again? This one was in my Philosophy notebook, so I thought I'd type it up. :D

Close, by kishmet. Fujicest, G (unless you count the implications as PG in and of themselves). I'm not sure if I like this or not. I think I do.

Yuuta wakes up in the middle of the night, thrashing wildly in his covers. He sits up and for a moment he doesn't remember where he is. He looks at the closet, squints into the corners of the room. He's old enough to know there's no monsters that are going to attack him, but he's half asleep and can't think of that. He slides out of bed, creeping for the door, jumping when he hears a creak.

He tiptoes down the hallway, pressing against the wall so that the floor won't make so much noise. He fumbles for the door frame he knows is there and moves more quickly, relieved. He peers in at aniki, who's barely visible in the moonlight coming through the window. Yuuta takes a step forward, shivering a little from the adrenaline rush from the nightmare. Aniki looks untroubled in his sleep, as calm as ever, and Yuuta can't help but think that he'll help Yuuta to calm down, too.

Suddenly Yuuta freezes. He remembers abruptly where he is and who that is. He backs slowly out through the doorway, still afraid of the dark in his room but more afraid because his automatic reaction is still to run to his aniki. He goes back to his room, inching through the hallway again, taking deep breaths. "Stupid," he whispers to himself, furious.

His room is forebodingly dark and he stops in the doorway. He looks longingly back at aniki's room...but no. No, no, no. That's not even an option. He gathers his courage and his fury at his former lack thereof and marches back to bed. He gets under the covers and stubbornly refuses to open his eyes, even though he wants to make sure that noise from the window is just the tree branch blowing in the wind and hitting the glass.

That resolve goes right out the window when Yuuta hears a footstep at the door to his room, twenty minutes later when he thinks he's finally convinced himself to go to sleep. He sits bolt upright, and then groans and rolls over, hiding his face in the pillow. "What do you want, aniki?" He takes deep breaths again because he doesn't want aniki to know that he'd been startled.

"I had a nightmare," aniki says.

"You don't have nightmares," Yuuta mumbles, pulling the covers tightly around himself and burying his face deeper in the pillow.

"I did tonight," says aniki. Yuuta can hear him walk farther into the room, and feels the pressure on that side of the bed when aniki sits on the edge of it. Yuuta feels a hand on his shoulder. He makes a half-hearted attempt to shrug it away. Aniki pulls his hand back. Yuuta feels bad and tries to deny to himself that he does.

"What'd you dream about?" Yuuta asks grumpily, then adds before aniki can reply, "Fine, whatever. Stay if you want." He wiggles over to the other side of the bed, pulling the covers out from beneath him on aniki's side.

He feels aniki move in under the covers next to him, and scoots over a little more so they'll have room.


"What?" Yuuta turns over to look at aniki. In the dim glow that comes in Yuuta's window, he sees aniki's eyes wide open, the way they are only when something's happened. Maybe aniki did really have a nightmare. "Are you okay?"

Aniki smiles slightly. "I'm fine." His voice is hushed and slightly un-aniki-like, though. Yuuta debates in his head for a second. Aniki's done worse things to trick people, for weirder reasons, many times before. But if Yuuta doesn't do anything, he figures that he'll be even worse than anything aniki can do, especially if aniki is telling the truth about the bad dream.

"Here," Yuuta says, somewhat gruffly. He does a better job of draping the covers over aniki. He hesitates before doing the other thing aniki had always done when Yuuta had been younger and had nightmares, but he does it anyway. Scooting close, he wraps one arm around aniki's waist and takes aniki's hand with his other hand. "It's okay," he says, doing his best to be soothing. He hesitates again, and then rubs aniki's back through the thin cotton pajamas, hoping that he's being comforting and not weird.

Aniki looks up at him, both surprised and calculating at once. Yuuta's gotten so used to calculating looks that he hardly notices this one.

"I just don't want you in my bed," Yuuta says defensively. "Maybe this way you won't have nightmares tomorrow."

"Maybe not," aniki agrees with a smile, losing all appearances of calculation. Yuuta's stomach, or his heart, or something, does flip-flops when that kind of smile is aimed at him. He chalks that down to innate wariness of aniki's smiles and refuses to consider anything else.

Aniki curls up, resting his head against Yuuta's chest. He's so short and delicate. Yuuta sometimes forgets how little aniki is. Aniki had been tense before, but now he's completely relaxed.

Yuuta's almost sure that there's no way he'll get back to sleep now, with an armful of aniki to disturb him. Surprisingly, he starts dozing just about right away. Because he's drowsy, he thinks that he's dreaming when aniki murmurs, "I dreamt that you left me again."

He doesn't remember in the morning, so it isn't important anyway.
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