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Kish's ALL-NEW Quote Project XP

Right, I need inspiration, and I need it now! I'm still working on my 30_kisses fics, but that's not nearly enough for me. I need something else to work on, especially late at night when I do a lot of my writing.

So! I'm going to try expanding upon a concept my sister and I thought up and use on each other, and see if anyone is actually interested. Give me a quote from a movie, book, TV show, etc., and I will write a fic that incorporates that quote!

Now, onto the rules, not that there are many of them:

1: You must give me the source of the quote, the movie/book/TV show it is from and the character who said it. Why, you ask? Because otherwise I wil be insanely curious about it XD

2: All fics, unless specifically requested otherwise, will be InuKai, because...I like writing it XP However, if requested, I will do any other pairing involving the Seigaku regulars, even crack ones.

3: Fics will be rated anywhere from G-NC-17, unless someone particularly requests a certain rating.

And that's about it! If people are interested, I'll keep this up..if not, it'll stop and I'll write other stuff! Yeah!

"I'm a toasty sock, not a toasty buchou." Given by chibimono-IN PROGRESS
"It's like putting a cat in a blender, its just not natural." Given by snowym
"If it’s too painful to talk about, you don’t have to. There are things about me that I’ve never told you either." Given by disutansu-COMPLETE

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