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I made a post about being on hiatus the other day... but then I changed my mind. Now I've sort of changed my mind back, because I really need to type up my spring_fluff fic. *headdesk* So this will...er, should be the last fic I'll be posting in awhile, and it's really just a drabble. From samenashi's prompt: Momokai; love notes, unreadable handwriting.

Momo pressed the piece of paper into Kaidoh's hand when he passed him in the hallway between classes. He mumbled, "Here, read it," and then he was gone before Kaidoh could grab him and demand a better explanation.

Kaidoh glanced furtively around, then felt stupid. This wasn't a spy movie, and Momoshiro was definitely too dumb to be a secret agent. He'd just act casual and pretend that the brief contact with Momo's hand hadn't made him simultaneously shiver and want to punch Momo's lights out. He did take the note to a more secluded part of the hallway to read, but he managed to act perfectly casually while he did it, even hissing at a first year who almost bumped into him.

He read the note, and then he scowled and shoved it into his pocket. He caught Momo just as their lunch period was about to start. "You idiot!" he said, pushing Momo against a wall. He held up the note. "What's this?"

"It's a note, mamushi," Momo snapped back. "Oh, I forgot. Snakes can't read!"

"No one could read this!" Kaidoh waved the paper in Momo's face. "You're the one who doesn't know how to write." A couple of other second years skittered nervously past them. They were used to the fights between Momo and Kaidoh, but they also knew that they never wanted to be caught in the middle of one.

"I know how to write just fine!" Momo said. "But since you can't read, I'll just translate it for you, how's that?"

"Good," said Kaidoh. "Because I can't understand the language of idiots."

"It says," said Momo, "that if you come to the street courts tomorrow morning, I'll be waiting there to kick your ass in a match."

"I'll be there," Kaidoh growled. "But you're the one who'll lose."

"We'll just see about that." Momo shoved Kaidoh hard, sending him stumbling into the opposite wall, and then stalked away.

Once Momo was safely out of sight, Kaidoh glanced around to make sure no one was looking, spy movie or no spy movie. He opened the note again. More than half of the sentences were unfinished, and most of them were crossed out. All of it was written in Momo's usual scrawling handwriting that made the teachers despair.

Kaidoh Mamushi-

When we
After school yesterday
I didn't mind when you kissed
Maybe sometime we could If you're free tomorrow morning
Be at the street courts tomorrow morning and we can and I'll beat you so bad you won't know what hit you.
Maybe we could go to lunch or a movie after or something.


Regardless of the bad handwriting and the strikeouts, Kaidoh could read every word of every note Momo had ever given him, and Momo knew it. But neither of them would ever admit it out loud.
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