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19 November 2033 @ 11:46 pm
Fanfiction on this journal is now completely UNLOCKED. I'm so behind on friend requests that I figured it'd be the easiest way to let everyone have unlimited reading access. Feel free to friend me and comment on this post to let me know, but if you're here for the fic, it's now freely available. :)
Lia: Lurking Englishater_et_alba on June 11th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
Hey, I've been trawling my way through the TezuRyo side of the PoT fandom, and your name (and friendslock'd journal) comes up a lot. It would be fantastic if you could friend me so I can read more delightful fanfic ^--^
Amykichi_tsukima on June 18th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
; o;
So lately I've been digging my way through years and years and years of POT fandom. And your name comes up alot in regards to fanfiction. The only reason for this is that your writing must be amazing! I would love it if you would add me so that I could read them! ♥
pookykabukipookykabuki on June 23rd, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
I would absolutely adore being added to your friends list! Your name is one of "those names" for me now!
Veemusique_style on July 12th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Hi! You added me, so I'm adding you back, if that's alright. =D
when the gales of November come early: billitakishmet on July 13th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC)
Of course! That's fine. :D I saw you on a comm and realized I knew you (well, knew and loved your fic) from THF, so I added you. Hope you don't mind!
(no subject) - musique_style on July 13th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC) (Expand)
NE: billuninaelisabeth on July 25th, 2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
Hi, I've seen you around the fandom for a while, (...I adore your fics *cough*) and I would love to get to know you better. :)

I hope you don't mind me adding you!
carta on July 27th, 2010 11:16 am (UTC)
Is it awful or bad to say that I'm asking to be added so I can read your Prince of Tennis fic? Because I've heard good things, and I'm just WALLOWING in this new-to-me fandom right now, and I'd love to read your stuff. :)
Neeryneery on August 4th, 2010 09:35 am (UTC)
Hi! A friend recced your fic to me. I'd love it if you could add me so I can read it. :)
b0rdeaux on August 11th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
Pot fic~
Hello! It appears slightly late to be getting into PoT.. but I've seen your fics being recced and would love to read them! Would be awesome if you could friend me... =)

Morgan RoAnn: T - Innocentnorcalnoise on August 15th, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)
*waves* Morgan/norcalnoise/Exklusiv here. Been sort of stalking you (in a non-threatening way!) on THF for like the last two months so I figured whatever, I'll ask to add you.

So... friendlies? =]
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on August 24th, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
Belated as ever with this reply: of course! Friended you. :D I stalk some of your fics on THF, too, so it works out! ;P
alpha2nd2006 on September 10th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
Hi! Your PoT fics have been highly recommended, so if possible, could you friend me back? :D
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on September 29th, 2010 03:52 am (UTC)
Friended! Sorry I'm behind on friend requests again; at least it hasn't been a month! That's actually pretty good for me, sadly.
Miles Cainlifelink on September 11th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
Hey ya'~

I've read most of you fanfiction before on another account, but I changed to this account a while back and left the PoT fandom. Recently, I was thinking it would be nice to read your work again.

Friend me?
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on September 29th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)
Oh hey, sure, friended. :) I've found myself going through some of my favorite old PoT stuff again recently too, so I know the feeling!
(Deleted comment)
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on September 29th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
Added you back! :) I really like your icon, by the way. What's it from?
K. M.ky_lawrence on September 24th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
Friending you. Would be lovely if you friended me back, I lahv lahv lahv your fic.
when the gales of November come early: TOMMYkishmet on September 29th, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
Dude, I'd friend you back on the basis of your icon alone. TOMMY! <333
Jane (Kou)temperance_k on September 25th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
Jumping in as someone else who has seen your fic recced all over and would love to read them! If it's not too much trouble, I would be honored if you would friend me back. ♥
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on September 29th, 2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Friended you back! Hope you do enjoy the fics. ♥
xdisasterologyxxdisasterologyx on September 29th, 2010 01:21 am (UTC)
Hi, I love your writing and you seem really nice, so yeah, I'm friending you. :)
when the gales of November come earlykishmet on September 29th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Friended you back! :) Love, love, love your icon, by the way.