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19 November 2033 @ 11:46 pm
Fanfiction on this journal is now completely UNLOCKED. I'm so behind on friend requests that I figured it'd be the easiest way to let everyone have unlimited reading access. Feel free to friend me and comment on this post to let me know, but if you're here for the fic, it's now freely available. :)
Menada_Voxlady_amethyste on October 20th, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
Would like to be added as friend
Hello! If it is not too bold, I would very much appreciate being added as a friend. I rarely go bothering people, but please let me have a chance to appreciate the temptation and pleasure of having access to your Prince of Tennis fics. I am still a newbie to that particular fandom, but I have already caught a glimpse of your works, and my friend recommends you too. I am of legal age if this assertion is required. Thank you for your time. Good luck. Sinerely, Amethyste